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A graduate of New York University, she began her career working with young adults and found a passion for the population. Prior to her work in Private Practice, Nicole worked in a residential treatment setting in Virginia before transitioning to Turnbridge Programs in New Haven. There she continued her work of addressing co-occuring disorders for both male and female young adults in a long term treatment setting. In this setting Nicole developed a DBT informed IOP curriculum and implemented programmatic changes to increase the positive outcomes of her clients as well as being recognized as Clinician of the Year.

Nicole works with clients individually, in group settings, as well as family systems. Nicole is intensively trained in and utilizes a variety of modalities in her clinical practice including DBT, CBT, Motivational Interviewing, and trauma informed care; an eclectic approach focused on the individual client and their needs. These needs can include but are not limited to: anxiety, depression, emotion dysregulation, personality disorders, body image, chronic pain, addiction, and any self-harming problem behaviors. She prides herself on her balance of truth and tenderness and utilization of the therapeutic relationship for creating change.

Nicole is a Registered Yoga Teacher (200hr Yoga Alliance) and actively incorporates her training to aid adults and adolescents find greater quality of life through application of yoga and breath work.

In addition, Nicole enjoys applying her knowledge and experience outside of the office in Consultation and Professional Development opportunities.

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